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Interior Design

Graber Interior Design offers a full range of  interior design services. We believe that good design should be attainable and are here to provide you with personal designs that work specifically for you. From conception to completion, we provide functional and elegant interiors that will grow with you and your family.


E-Design is a virtual alternative to traditional interior design.  Available to anyone, anywhere, it's fast, yet thorough and personal. Bat-Sheva's E-Design Service is ideal for clients who will not be doing major construction, work well over email, are comfortable buying products online, and are comfortable carrying out the design plans on their own.

E-Design includes:

  • Consultation through email after filling out the E-Design Questionnaire.

  • Two unique Design Boards that fit within your budget.

  • One Design Board revision, which includes an itemized shopping list.

How it works:

  • Complete the E-Design Questionnaire below.

  • I will email you a Quote for the project.

  • Once you respond in agreement, I will send you a letter of agreement and an invoice.

  • Email over some pictures and measurements of your space (I will tell you how to best accomplish this).

  • I begin designing!

  • You will receive 2 unique and personalized Design Plans to review and give feedback on.

  • I will complete one round of revisions on one of the Design Boards based off of your feedback, and send you one final Design Plan, including an itemized shopping list.

  • You now have a beautiful new Design Plan to implement at your own pace!

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